Entertaining Acts for Partie, Fairs and Corporate Events

We offer livening up acts for parties and events in Barcelona, Madrid and nationwide, with dancers, actors, entertainers, a wide range of shows gogodancers, DJs, singers & live musicians, stilts walkers and living statues.

Examples of Themes:
– Mirror Man and Women
– ‘Manimal’: Tigers, Bears, Hedgehogs, Owls, Monkeys, Crocodiles
– Giant Inflatables with LEDs: Puppets, Horses, Jellyfish, Seahorses, Octopuses, Dolphins, Mexican Skulls, etc.
– ‘This is Spain’ with entertainers: Toro, Torero, Flamenco dancer and other characters ‘Made in spain’
– Men of colors
– Mario Bros
– Oriental (Geisha)
– BMX Show
– Choreographed shows and many more

Ask us for any specific theme, party or event. Our team is based in Barcelona and in Madrid.
We offer our services to any part of Spain and abroad.

Fairy Opera Singer with leds wings

Laser Dancers

Mirror Man at ‘VM World 2018’

Parties with Giant Spheres

Party with Giant Leds Puppets

Laser show Performance

Show with roller dancers

Urban Dance show – Fabrik Madrid

Party with inflatables puppets

Violonist with Mirror man and woman /h3>

Saxofonist with hedgehog