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Rollerdance – Dancers on skates

Roller skaters, dance skaters shows for events

Feel the groove of the 70s & of the 80s mixed with urban dance styles

Types of performances:
– Roller skate dancers performances with the group ‘Skatestylerz’
– Rollerskates / rollerblades dance workshops
– skate dance choreographies for commercials
– Service on skates (hosts/hostess/waiters/waitresses)
– Livening up acts and introductions
– Roller Disco Parties

‘Roller Disco’ rink option: We can create a ‘Roller Disco’, including: rink, roller skates hiring service, DJs, PA sound and lighting systems adapted to your event! Contact us for more information.

The rollerdance is a discipline mixing skating and dance. Born from the disco explosion in the 70’s, the rollerdance remove up with the music evolution and gets inspired today by hip-hop and urban dances.
This is an origianl option for your events, gathering skate flow and urban dances entertainment!

Choregraphy commercial ‘Moviment Carnet Jove’

Rollerskate dance performance ‘Skatestylerz’ choreographed by SkatePhil

Rollerdance’s choreography – commercial ‘KFC’

KFC commercial choreographed by ‘SkatePhil’

Rollerdancers for 70s-80s & Rollerdiscos

Rollerskate Show Halloween 2017 – Port Aventura

Show rollerdancers ‘Skatestylerz’

>Rehearsal ‘KDA’ rollerdance performance by ‘Skatestylerz’

Rollerdance Show rehearsal with lights

Commercial with rollerskaters ‘Montana 94 Fluor Groove’