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Flamenco, Sevillanas, Classical Spanish and Catalan Rumba Show

Traditional or contemporary ‘fusion’ shows with dancers, singers and live musicians (guitarists, cajón and more) for dinners, parties and other events.

The show’s format is adapted to the needs of the event, with 5 to 15 minute sessions, or shows of 30 to 60 minutes, which can if so wished, invite the public to participate in an introduction to rhythm and dance activity.

Flamenco and Rumba show with a participatory activity for corporate dinners

One of our most successful options is a Flamenco and Rumba show with live music, specially designed for corporate events and dinners.
The formation consists of a dancing couple, a singer, a guitarist-singer and a percussionist-singer with a cajón. This show that can be divided into three parts:

  • Part 1: 15 minutes of ‘Andalusian Chill-out’ live music with which to welcome guests.
  • Part 2: A 15 minutes Flamenco Show between the first and second course.
  • Part 3: A Catalan Rumba Show followed by a participatory activity. For this last part the dancers invite guests to dance with them and teach them steps for about 15-20 minutes.

Our shows include costume changes.

To greet guests on their arrival, we propose a welcome service composed of female dancers wearing traditional Flamenco “batas de cola” (dresses with a train), and male dancers characterised as ‘Torreros’.

B-Dance works with the best professionals in the world of flamenco – all have extensive experience in private events, corporate parties, galas and trade fairs.

We also offer a optional ‘pack”, at a very competitive price, which covers all the technical requirements: complete sound equipment with lighting (of the stage or dance floor), wooden platforms for dancers, complementary structures, technical supervision, transportation and installation included. Feel free to request further information.

Our team is based in Barcelona and Madrid, but we are always ready to move from these base points. We are happy to offer our activities and shows services anywhere in Spain and abroad.

Flamenco Dinner show at the Casino of Barcelona

Opening Show ‘Magento’ Congress 2018

Flamenco Bdance group & the’Gipsy Kings’ Jaipur/ India

Flamenco & Rumba Diner Show for corporate events

Show Flamenco dancers at Hotel W

Flamenco dance performance at Can Magi

Show Flamenco-Breakdance fusion – Heineken in Madrid

Flamenco & Rumba Catalana

Show Sevillanas

Flamenco Performance with Javier M.

Arabic Flamenco Fusion Show

Flamenco grand format ‘I Love EU’

Flamenco Performance with background visuals ‘Andromedia’

Show Flamenco fusion Hip Hop

Flamenco Shows in Madrid