BDance Agency

About us

B-Dance is the professional agency for projects and events for Barcelona Dance.

Our experience of over seven years of work on the dance show scene allows us to offer our broad knowledge of the sector in order to satisfy the needs of businesses and individuals.

Our professional team is at your disposal to process your order and ensure high-quality service: creation, production, orgqanization, communication, coordination, assistance, and follow-up to your event.

Some highlights of our work have been:

The promotion of the World Cup FIFA 2010, the production of shows and promotional events for brands during trade fairs (Nokia Siemens Network in 2012, Mazda in 2008) or for company events (S.F.I., CK and others…)

The promotion of events: ‘Fiesta Unity’ designed to share our passion for urban dance with dancers for important artists (in 2009 we enjoyed the presence of Madonna’s dancers, in 2010 Lady Gaga’s and in 2011 the choreographer for Beyoncé).

The annual organization of the Barcelona Dance Festival- BDF (workshops, parties and dance performances).

We are a team that works to offer you quality, to earn your trust, and to continue growing.