• Shows for companies

    Shows and livening Acts for Corporate Events and Dinners Tailored shows for companies All dance styles: Flamenco & Rumba Catalana, Salsa, Cabaret-Broadway, Circus & Acrobatics, Belly Dancing, Lindy Hop & Charleston, Hip Hop & Breakdance, Ballroom, Brazil Carnaval & Capoeira, Contortionists and more. Personalized Shows (products and services), Livening acts and Theme Performances (Halloween, Pirates, […]

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  • Events for trade fairs

    Events for trade fairs and congresses Liven up events, Dance Shows, Flashmobs… Dance shows & performances, classes in livening events, interactive shows, choreographic creations, catwalk shows, go-go dancers flashmobs for trade fairs, congresses and other events. Creation of shows and activities starring the employees Options: Speakers, Entertainers,

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  • Livening events with dancers

    Livening events and celebrations with dancers The best dancers in all the dance styles We have the best dancers of all styles to liven up your events and parties (shows, ggo dancers, flashmobs, clowning, etc.) Styles: Urban Dance, Hip Hop, Breakdance, Commercial Dance, Locking, Popping, Roller Dance, House Dance, Flamenco and Sevillanas, Cabaret, Burlesque, Belly […]

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  • Team Building

    Team Building Activities Shows & interactive workshops (e.g. dance history), dance classes, percussion workshops (jembe), body percussion, handclap, scavenger hunts, escape rooms, creation of shows, music videos or flashmobs where the employees are the stars… Our goal: to encourage vitality among your team members and synergy among your employees. ‘Escape Room’ with dancers – Pullman […]

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  • Actors to liven up events

    Actors for livening events Comic actors, multilingual (English, Spanish, Catalan / French…) Themes – Flamenco Artists – Historical Figures (Gaudí, Dalí, Columbus etc.) – Geishas – Hollywood Stars – Romans – Fortune Tellers – Famous Sportspersons – Clown – James Bond – Elvis – 60’s 70’s 80’s styles – Famous singers… Activities Livening event: ‘The […]

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  • DJ’s

    DJ’s for your Events The best DJ’s and the best live music bands adapted to the theme chosen for your event: Fairs, Conventions, Corporate parties, Anniversaries, International Weddings. All styles: Chill out, Easy listening, Jazz, R&B, Charts, Disco, 70’s, Salsa & latin Rythms, Pop Rock, Hip-hop, House, Electro, Experimental, 90’s, 80’s and many more. Optional: […]

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  • Speakers & Entertainers

    Presenters, Mcs & Entertainers Charismatic speakers and entertainers for parties and events. Availables in various languages. Presenter ‘Mobile World Congress 2019’

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