Shows & Livening up acts Ask for Marriage, Wedding parties, Anniversaries

We offer different options to surprise the bride or the groom and all the other guests and make your moment a memorable event!

Ask for marriage
Book a flashmob to propose marriage with dancers, musicians and actors in disguise.

Wedding parties / Shows and livening up acts for hen/stag celebrations
Tailor made theme shows: Cabaret, 70s, 80s with Drag Queens, dancers, actors, skaters, breakdancers, acrobats interacting with the guests.

Show performance followed by a dance workshop
Commercial dance, Cabaret-Burlesque, Hip Hop, Dancehall (jamaican style), Latin dance, Salsa, Samba, Lindy Hop, Flamenco & Rumba Catalana, Danza Africana…

Personalized choreography
We can create a choreography with your favourite song taking into account the performance context involving your friends and the members of your family.

Wedding night show – Bridal dance choreography
In your favourite dance style: Waltz, Tango, Pasodoble, Salsa, Cha-cha-cha, Merengue, Rock etc. … or you can choose your favorite song and we will make a special choreography for you. Show starring the bride and the groom with different options:
– accompanied by professional dancers;
– with a final dance to encourage guests to dance;
– ‘Flashmob’ effect which could involve the guests;
– Possibility to organize an intensive dance course and rehearsals prior to the event..


Tell us your ideas and we will make sure that your event becomes the most original, the stunniest and the funniest show of your life!

Flashmob – Ask for hand in marriage (Sagrada Familia parc – Barcelona)

Flashmob – Wedding night in Sevilla

Show & livening up act – Gay wedding in Alicante

Show Cabaret Fusion

Shows Wedding party in the casttle of San Marcial

Bride Performance – Wedding party in Gava

Flashmobs – Ask for hand in marriage (Parque de la Ciudadela – Barcelona)

Show with leds and fire for weddings

Flashmobs – Ask for hand in marriage (Café Zurick – Barcelona)

Flashmobs – Ask for hand in marriage (La ‘Maquinista’ mall – Barcelona)

Bellydance performance – Wedding at San Marcial’s casttle

Show Flashmob – Ask for hand in marriage (Barcelona)l

Birthday celebration’s Salsa workshop (Barcelona)

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