B-Dance Girls Performance

Show with glamour and style

We are pround to introduce you to our ‘B-Dance girls’. Ideal for corporate evetns, diners or theme parties.

Show with different performances and options (posibility to create a choreography about a specific music track, livening up, performance involving public participation etc…).
Feel free to contact us for more information.

Show ‘Bdance Girls’ at Pasha Barcelona

BDance Girls – Gionee Booth – World Mobile Congress 2017

Gionee – Launch Showcase – World Mobile Congress 2017

Rehearsal ‘Burlesque’ Bdance Girls

Show B-dance Girls – ‘Huawei’ party at ‘Bling Bling’ (Barcelona)

Show B-dance Girls – ‘Chica Martini’ event at ‘Kapital’ club (Madrid)

Show B-dance Girls – ‘Chica Martini’ final

Show B-dance Girls – video L.A. Style

B-dance Girls Performance – Hair ‘Salón Look ‘ (Madrid)