Aerial Dance and Circus Shows

Aerial Dance, with cloth, hoops, trapeze, circus numbers…

A combination of the magic of color with the beauty of movement and the essence of dreams to transform your event into a fantastical world, full of good cheer.

Fire, Acrobatics, aerial dance, ‘Cyr wheel’ , stilt walking, jugglers, singers, hula dancers, actors and comedians, clowns and magicians, availables to you, to create a dynamic and impactful event!

More options:
Contorsionists, Stilts, Human statues.

Videos Aerial Dance Shows

‘Pirates’ Show

Show Duo telas

Show Aerial Dance

Show Acro Fantasia

Light show mano-mano

Show Pole duo

Show Breakdance-Cyr Wheel & Aerial performance

Show ‘ I’m feeling good’

Show Duo with hoop

Aerial Duo ‘Ungravity’